Thursday, 16 January 2014

I Want To See Pulaski At Night

I had all day meetings today. It was fun, record labels came in one by one and presented new music. But after the meetings,  the chaos of catcing up with work, and after 6pm when the office emptied out i found myself playing a chilled record i'd heard via the KCRW tune of the day podcast.

Soundtrack is a genre, as ive mentioned here before, i'm fascinated by. So to hear that this was a soundtrack for a film yet to be made, really grabbed my attention. It's a very creative and cinematic 7 tracks, with little or no vocal except for on the jazzy title track which drops mid-set. Other than that the EP is a fine piece of neo-classical soundtrack making Andrew Birds eastern influenced EP an early highlight for 2014.

"The EP’s title was taken from a remark made by a visiting Thai student when Bird was living in Chicago in his twenties. “We thought it was funny and absurd because Pulaski is a street that runs the length of Chicago’s west side and I can tell you, you don’t want to see Pulaski at night,” says Bird. And it’s easy enough to hear the intro and outro tracks, Ethio Invention No’s 1 and 2, as a plucked, Southeast Asian-inspired scene-setter and finale respectively. While Lit From Underneath continues the sonic tour with bright curiosity and the return of Bird’s much admired mellifluous whistle. "- Mojo4Music

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