Saturday, 26 May 2012

Mix: CitySoul 2

To celebrate the warmer weather, i've put together a further blend of  northern soul, funky cuts, soundtrack, Motown and classic R&B to welcome in the summer.

I hope you enjoy it as much as i did putting it together!

      Intro- Midnight Funk Association
Dionne Warwick- You're Gonna Need Me
Ronnie Foster- Back Stabbers
Odyssey- Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love
Martha Reeves & J.J. Johnson- Keep On Movin' On
Mike James Kirkland- Where's The Soul of Man?
Esther Phillips- Alone Again (Naturally)
Curtis Mayfield- Think
Diana Ross & Marvin Gaye- I'll Keep A Light In My Window
Donny Hathaway- The Ghetto
      Interlude (Lemonade)- Suzanne Ciani
April Fulladosa- Sunlit Horizon
The Nu Page- A Heart Is A House
Lonnie Liston Smith- Expansions

Saturday, 19 May 2012


Firstly fellow music fans and readers, apologies for the lack of recent updates, i've had an infection that's involved seeing 4 different doctors, taking 3 courses of anti-biotics and visiting two hospitals for checks, but hopefully by the grace of God i'll be fixed up soon and back to full health :).  (In other news I also won my works fantasy football league which was quite pleasing!).

So onwards to the music scene, and knocking on the door of this bloggers ears since the three albums highlighted for April has been the mysterious KWJAZ, aka  San Fran's Peter Berends, whose two track LP is all dub, jazz, dreamy loops and twinkley keys. The 22 minute duration of each 'tape' would make Tangerine Dream proud as he journeys between delayed electronica, radio crackle and muffled, blurry moments of genius; inviting us to listen to someone elses cloud 9.

Described as more of a mixtape than an album this will definately appeal to fans of Sun Araw and Nite Jewels early work for sure. The recent expanded version contains 4 tracks, but best to go for the 2 tracks on the original album ('Once In Babylon' and 'Righteous Wane') for that all important 'as-it-were-intended' experience.

Big thanks to Duncan at PIAS for playing this in the office and introducing me to it too!

Elsewhere Oddisee released his Odd Renditions EP, including a very good sample of Aretha Franklin's 'Say A Prayer' versus Bon Iver, which makes for some quirky hiphop. Downloadable for free now via Stereogum or just listen below