Monday, 26 May 2014

Hollie Cook: Twice

A dusting of disco drops, cosmic swirls and the occasional set of well scored strings lift this second album from Londoner Hollie Cook. It still lilts in all the right places as on her 2011 album, with Hollies carefree vocals hooking onto the reggae beat. Her voice will have fans of Lily Allens first album re-drooling all over again.

Opener Ari Up starts like psychedelic folk piece before the beat drops whilst 99 is just pure space reggae and should bring a warm smile to the most windswept of faces. Tiger Balm meanwhile is a real story 'Where Are You Now' Cook sings and single Real Love is a little bit fuller and hooky, the sort of song that could close, or a band set could be hinged on.

Her debut was given extended vitality by a Prince Fatty dub album which proceeded the original record called Hollie Cook in Dub, a bonus point Fatty should hopefully be up for repeating.

Hollie's gaining the sort of natural momentum that some bands would give their right arm for. Fat Freddys Drop did it, Little Dragon did it, and on 'Twice' Cook takes things to the next level.


Thursday, 15 May 2014


Theo Parrish has been exciting fans about his soon to be announced album with Footwork. An old bass, a sampled jumpy break and slow build, it's one of his best yet. Check out the hypnotic video below

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Brothers & Sisters

Sleeve Notes for The Brothers & Sisters: Dylan's Gospel [Cat No: LITA 106]

 In 1969 a group of Los Angeles choir singers, including Gloria Jones (Tainted Love),  Edna Wright (Honey Cone) and Mary Clayton [The Sisters],  were brought together to work on a very special project by Lou Adler.

Adler was already an established producer and song writer by that time having worked with the likes of Sam Cooke and The Mama's and Papas. In March 1969 he was between projects and this time  allowed him to explore his interest in the black music of LA, often from the Baptist churches in the southside of town. He enjoyed listening to Bob Dylans music and "felt there was a gospel feel to them, both spiritually and lyrically". With this in mind Adler formed a crack team of soul singers including Joseph Green,  Jesse Kirkland and Chester Pipkin [The Brothers] alongside the aforementioned 'sisters' . They were to record a spirit fueled selection of Dylan's finest songs to date.

"The word of Dylan has rarely sounded so stirring" 
Light In The Attic

The church based recording took just 4 days, with a few celebs dropping in to have a look, including Carole King. The sessions produced an inspirational collection of covers that align Dylan 's lyrics literally to the good book itself. Across the 10 tracks here my favourites are either The Times They Are A Changing, or I Shall Be Released, both so warm in recording and rich with emotion.

Light in the Attic are, as ever, the label that have re-issued the long out of print album on both CD and heavyweight vinyl with extensive sleeve notes. Check out the below videos for the music and more info. Buy it whilst you can!!!

Light In The Attic Docs Presents: The Making of "Dylan's Gospel" from Light In The Attic Records on Vimeo.