Monday, 30 January 2012

Early New York Subway Graffiti 1973-1975

Whilst in Bristol over Christmas I popped into Rise, an independent record shop near Park Street in the hope of spending a bit of Christmas money and unearthing a few gems.

Through their tweet feed i'd read of a book recently published by photographer Keith Baugh, documenting in photo's graffiti on trains from the Harlem, South Bronx, Times Square and Coney Island in New York. I was working in London when he did a signing at the Bristol store, but I managed to pick up a copy before I headed back and it proved to be a completely compelling read.

As well as having many photo's of trains covered in tags, graffito and designs, Baugh also includes some other shots at the time and a few pictures of those involved at the time as they are now. The book comes with extensive sleevenotes on the background to his work and those involved at the time. A very colourful book, useful for both coffee table and to see some of the early pioneers at work, would highly recommend getting hold of a copy!

The book has lots of colourful tags

As well as interesting designs spanning entire carriages

Author and photographer- Keith Baugh