Friday, 1 August 2014

Early Riser

Taylor McFerrins debut album was one I wrongly expected to be folk by association to his father, but upon reading the label tag -Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder imprint- those suspicions were instantly dismissed.

The scene is set very early on with Postpartum, which creates a downtempto mood, soft vocals underlaying live recorded drums and some keyboard play that gets expansive as the tune moves on. From there the twinkley keyed moments continue and guest vocalists come in, such as Nai Palm, Emily King and RYAT. Moment of the album is reserved for King on the super 'Decisions' which would be equally at home on Radio 1, Rinse or a coffee shop. Although the album may be cousined with Ben Westbeech or a brownswood 'bubblers' comp, it's emotive bassline, zappy moog play and toplines make it work to a deeper level.  Taylor has created a tapestry of electronica here that deserves a large amount of praise. *And his dad does sing on the penultimate track

Key Tracks : Decisions, Postpartum, Place In My Heart

Listen to Taylor's new album and other 'best of' selections Here or click play below

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