Monday, 26 May 2014

Hollie Cook: Twice

A dusting of disco drops, cosmic swirls and the occasional set of well scored strings lift this second album from Londoner Hollie Cook. It still lilts in all the right places as on her 2011 album, with Hollies carefree vocals hooking onto the reggae beat. Her voice will have fans of Lily Allens first album re-drooling all over again.

Opener Ari Up starts like psychedelic folk piece before the beat drops whilst 99 is just pure space reggae and should bring a warm smile to the most windswept of faces. Tiger Balm meanwhile is a real story 'Where Are You Now' Cook sings and single Real Love is a little bit fuller and hooky, the sort of song that could close, or a band set could be hinged on.

Her debut was given extended vitality by a Prince Fatty dub album which proceeded the original record called Hollie Cook in Dub, a bonus point Fatty should hopefully be up for repeating.

Hollie's gaining the sort of natural momentum that some bands would give their right arm for. Fat Freddys Drop did it, Little Dragon did it, and on 'Twice' Cook takes things to the next level.


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