Sunday, 3 November 2013

Theo Parrish: Black Jazz Signature

"From beginning to end the mix is beautifully rich and energetic—not to mention enlightening."-Resident Advisor 

Detroit techno legend Theo Parrish, widely influenced by Jazz, recently compiled a set exploring the Black Jazz label from 1971-76

Although Parrish is usually bunkered in the studio creating intelligent electronica, the influence of jazz remains strong in his production work.

I wasn't too familiar with Black Jazz Records until i heard about this superb compilation, but Parrish has done a fantastic job of picking out some truly wonderful, rare jazz moments.

Occasionally cosmic, often expansive and with superb musicianship on display, the 11 tracks here contain Parrish's take on the best of the catalogue, with the label sending him every album they had on vinyl.

Highlights for me include Gene Russell's take on 'My Favourite Things', The Awakenings 'March On' with it's excellent 1 minute drum solo and hiphop break, the strutty 'Criss Cross' by Calvin Keys and album closer the organ tastic 'Blue Bossa' by Walter Bishop Jr.

It's not on Spotify but it is available on Amazon and iTunes. If you buy the CD on Amazon then auto-rip will actually let you download the 22 track digital version which comes with the tracks separately to the mix as well, so pretty good!

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