Friday, 16 August 2013

Matthew E White @ Iveagh Gardens, August

White's debut album brokers both folkrock and soul as he and his band played out a joyful 7 song set.

As a live act the last time I saw Matthew White was at his second ever UK gig at Rough Trade East, but the performance on this dusk lit night in Dublin was streets ahead.

Here he was afforded a big stage and although Rough Trade is more intimate, White and band were able to let loose on the crowd covering the album almost in it's entirety. Finishing off with the 10 minute Opus of 'Brazos' they came, conquered and left the crowd wanting more,and raised the bar for Grizzly Bear who, to their credit, were fantastic as well.


From a distance...

I moved forward!

It's obligatory to have a pint of Guinness when in Ireland! (and hairy legs?)     

Nighttime, by this point Grizzly Bear had taken to the stage

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