Sunday, 26 May 2013

Mix: Campfire Surf

I decided to embark on a mix that was a little bit more conceptual compared to previous mixes and a little bit more psychedelic. A mix that really rewards if you listen attentively but could just as easily blend into the background. The idea was if you had to soundtrack a bit of time at night or dusk whilst on the beach enjoying some company, that this would fit..


*Contains excerpts from John Grout's  recording 'Pacific Ocean'

Black Sugar- Pussy Cat
Subtle, bubbling afro jazz fusion from early 1970's Peru, sets up the mix really well before..

Kramford Look- Shoebox At Sea
You could be mistaken for thinking this should have been on Air's Moon Safari, but these guys are masters at soundtrack and this chilled piece of faux motion picture really gelled with..

Girma Hadgu- Ene Alantchi Alnorem
As appears on the Ethiopiques Vol 4. comp, this was recorded somewhere between 1969-74 and taken from a great era for Buda. With it's muffled sound, flutes and wistful harmonies, this is just perfect.

KWJAZ- Righteous Wane
Sounding slightly like an icecream van that you'd want to run out to whatever age you are, KWJAZ's EP was a highlight in my collection last year and 'JAZ, aka San Franciscan Peter Berends, is about all dub, jazz, dreamy loops and twinkley keys.

- Marc Mac : 'little rock' interlude.

The Welcome Wagon- My God, My God. Parts 1 & 2

I really enjoyed the Welcome Wagon album last year, an LP from a Presbyterian couple from Michigan- the Reverend Thomas Vito Aiuto and his wife Monique. Between them they execute a genre of gospel music that is modest and melodic whilst being pretty straight forward in delivery. This really helps to set the mood for a progression in the mix, from jazz centric into a bit of a songbird section.

Rotary Connection- Salt of The Earth
We're all really used to hearing the excellent Black Gold of The Sun, but Rotary offer so much more across their catalogue. And it helps with the psychadelic soul element too. Top record.

Elena Legakis- 3.50am (Piano Intro)
It's easy to imagine still being on the beach waiting for the sunrise at ten to four in the morning, and this beautiful, slightly eerie piano interlude from Camden girl Elena leads really nicely into...

Mickey Newbury- Flower Man
A legend of the American alt-folk scene, i was introduced to Newbury last year by Steve from my office. Flower Man has a kind of spaced outness to it. Newbury was no space cadet but i'm sure alot of people go that way listening to this.

Portishead- Deep Water
A very non Portishead record, this simple banjo song is more uplifting than most of their gritty soundtrack (excellent though that is!). Has the sound of a 'spiritual' too.

Les Shelleys- Pastures of Plenty
Another house on the prarie type of song, from this acoustic guitar / vocal duo from Los Angeles, consisting of Tom Brosseau and his singing partner Angela Correa. American standard.

April Fulladosa- Sunlit Horizon
I like the offer that Fulladosa makes in this song about 'flying above the sunlit horizon'. The bass is very warm and has a bumpy swagger to it.

David Crosby & Graham Nash- The Lee Shore (Live Version)
I've been listening alot recently to the David Crosby box set. This is just such a great duet. "There's another island, it's a days run away from here- it's empty & free"

Arthur Foy- Get Up & Dance
At this point in the mix, i though i'd done enough lumbering about so thought to throw something in that was laid back but challenged me to get up!

Zyma- Wasting Time

A little bit of prog rock making it into the mix here from Zyma's 9 minute opus 'Wasting Time' though this is an excerpt from that. AOR style.

Milton Wright- Friends & Buddies
Most know Milton Wright from 'Keep It Up'. But this really fitted well and also carried a good unity message.

Hiatus Kaiyote- Nakamarra

Most of the records here are over 30 years old bar 3 or 4 so to have a record from 2012  adds some refreshment. This underground Aussie posse have dubbed themselves as an 'independent future soul group' and it's hard to disagree. This is quite lovebirdy and has Erykah Badu in the mirror.



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