Friday, 25 January 2013

Lonnie Liston Smith & Spotify

Recently the rather , er ace, Ace Records decided the time was right for them to have their catalogue up on Spotify.

One of the gems amongst the many they have is this space jazz album from 'Expansions' Lonnie Liston Smith. Starting off with this seminal track, this groove album is not to be missed. I've added it to my 'music for 2013 playlist which will mostly be new albums and singles but will contain some older discoveries and re-discoveries from this year as well.

In other news there's a new album from Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators, their first since 2005 (single track now added to the playlist), Bonobo who premiered his track 'Cirrus' this week and Charles Bradley via Daptone all coming up in the first few months of the year!

Please check this out and subscribe :)

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