Sunday, 10 June 2012

Georgia Anne Muldrow

Released slightly under the radar in late March , (and something i gratefully discovered earlier this month) was Georgia Anne Muldrows first album entirely produced by another, the soulful cuts of hiphop producer Madlib on new album 'Seeds'

I first became aware of her music when scouting out tracks for Welcome To Jazz Club Vol 2, and ended up adding 'The Black Mother' from her 2010 album Ocotea.

Instrumentally this album contains alot of cleverly put together samples, afro-rhythms, horns and beats and has an organic sound, captured neatly by the faux well-worn vinyl sleeve on the artwork, complete with Muldrows Cleopatra Jones styled hairdo.

So what about her distinctive style? Well here she's focused her old skool hewn vocals on the spiritual element, of togetherness and rolling her idea's and thoughts on praise, worry, and life across each record. Not having to concern herself about the production of the album, which previously she would  have done herself, has led to a slightly free'er, laid back style on this LP.

Highlights include Best Love, a classic 1980's era R&B groover, album opener Seeds is all big horns and piano tinkles, in Husfriend she repeats 'everything I want is here' and Kali Yuga sounds like a Oneness of Juju cut with Muldrows vocal doing most of the work.

Fans of the recent THEESatisfaction album via Sub Pop, Erykah Badu and Jill Scott could easily look to this for their next fix, though there's more to the Muldrow than meets the eye and no doubt her next album will again bring something completely fresh to the table.  

Here's a neat video to the title track too-

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