Friday, 13 May 2011

For The City

In our church homegroup we've recently been learning about how cities were intended to be places of refuge, cultural diversity and of prosperity. Tim Keller has written a very good book/DVD called Gospel In Life on it, and it got me thinking, how much does the city really means to us all in our daily lives? Should we go to the city for our career or to take from it, or should we be giving to it?

So this mix came about, a soundtrack for the city in the summer. Rare northern soul, funk and party to travel the trams to.

James Brown- Down And Out In New York City
Abraham & The Metronomes- Party
New Yorkers- Don't Wanna Be Your Fool
The Harvey Averne Dozen- Think It Over
Karmello Brookes- Tell Me Baby
Betty Harris- Ride Your Pony
Gene Williams- Don't Let Your Love Fade Away
Carol Woods- Why You Wanna
All The People- Cramp Your Style
Kashmere Stage Band- Super Strut Pt 1
General Crook- Fever In The Funkhouse
Blackbyrds- City Life
Dennis Coffey- Getting In On '75
Sunshine Band- Black Water Gold
The Positive Sounds- Fired Up
Cymande- The Message
Cloud One- Spaced Out
Kool & The Gang- Summer Madness (Magics Groove Mix)


  1. We should take from the city. Pilfer and plunder it for all its got. Then move cities and repeat until we die

  2. That's really the opposite of what I think a City is for :). Thanks for the comment though, it's good to spark a debate