Monday, 24 January 2011

Make The Road By Walking

Seeing as i've left over a month since my last post, I thought i'd share with you an album with some great artwork, that I appreciate every day as my desktop image.

Dunham Records is an offshoot of the infamous Daptone label (The Dap Kings, Sharon Jones), and their first album came from the Menahan Street Band. Menahan Street is the very same as Daptone studios are situated.

The layout here is hugely enjoyable- the cars, the people and activity going on below all seem perfectly set, creating an impression of hustle without too much noise, and the music is brilliant. The title is apt too, saying life is about the journey and walking the path.

Sometimes with music the artwork can be the last thought when making an album, but getting it right and creating a perception that makes people want to listen to it is critical.

I'm hoping that my next outing here will continue on the artwork-and-music theme, as i'm undertaking a special project, so keep watching this space!

The cover art to Make The Road By Walking , 2008

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